About Barrio Multiverse...

Barrio Multiverse creates various experiences that bend the laws of time and space. We're a pack of lifeforms that love funky music, theater and visual art. We'll take you on a journey that will surprise and blow your mind.

You may have seen us at Nowhere in 2019 when we attended for the most part with the same group under the name Fata Morgana Desert Theater.

During the day we are a chill out camp, with space for workshops, performances and more.. At night we turn into a mesmerizing dance floor with a soft spot for vintage psychedelic lighting effects and a wide variety of music styles.

We are especially interested in the underground movements.. from funk, punk, afrobeat, highlife, (UK) hip hop, sixties stuff, psychedelic rock, abstract, ska, acid, ambient, disco, hardcore, new wave, jungle, tekno, deephouse ...and always looking for musicians and DJs to join.. We also have a bowling alley where you can roll like the "Dude".

Our barrio is open to other lifeforms, we offer:
> 3 excellent plant-based meals everyday,
> snacks & ice cream,
> showers,
> plenty ice-cold drinks (soda, beers & wine),
> lots of shade to chill in,
> our sleepcamp has shade structures for tents, a luxury
> & our sleepcamp is in the quiet zone..

We can certainly use lifeforms that involve certain skills, such as first aid, builders, performers... So if you are interested... Contact or Join us.